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BIANCHI METHANOL CV S 9.1 - X0/GX EAGLE 1x12sp (DT Swiss ) MTB kerékpár

1.449.000 Ft (1.140.945 Ft + ÁFA)
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt
Cikkszám: YOBI2X382AF
Kifutás dátuma:

Leírás és Paraméterek

Methanol CV RS & S - After Shock Control INTRODUCING METHANOL CV RS & S Bianchi renews the Methanol CV range with the introduction of the new RS and S versions, both engineered with Bianchi CV System and designed to be a new advantage in cross country mountain bike racing. AFTER SHOCK CONTROL Engineered with Bianchi CV System, using Countervail®’s unique carbon fiber architecture and viscoelastic resin, Methanol CV RS and S deliver total “After-Shock Control” by eliminating vibrations that pass through the suspension after impact and from trail buzz. “After-Shock Control” delivers an entirely new level of ride quality, with increased accuracy, reduced muscular fatigue and total performance. WHAT IS COUNTERVAIL®? The key technology Countervail® is a carbon composite-material system that combines patented structural carbon with viscoelastic resin. BIANCHI CV INTEGRATED VIBRATION CANCELLING SYSTEM Bianchi collaborated with Materials Sciences Corporation to develop our innovative and exclusive use of the MSC’s patented Countervail® integrated vibration cancelling system for cycling. Countervail® is a carbon composite-material system that, with special fiber architecture, combines patented structural carbon with viscoelastic resin. Countervail® cancels 80% of vibrations while increasing the stiffness and strength of our carbon frames and forks. Countervail® is embedded within the entire frame of Bianchi CV high-performance road and MTB models: Specialissima, Oltre XR4, Oltre XR3, Infinito CV, Aquila CV and Methanol CV. PROVEN IN NASA AEROSPACE OPERATIONS Traditional passive damping in frames using superficial rubber inserts and isolators are marginally effective compared to the integrated carbon Countervail® system developed by Bianchi for cycling and proven in the extreme conditions of NASA aerospace operations. DEVELOPED WITH THE PROS Bianchi Methanol CV RS and Methanol CV S have been developed with the help and inputs of the Team Bianchi – Countervail Pro bikers, including Stephane Tempier and Marco Aurelio Fontana METHANOL CV RS Methanol CV RS has been engineered to be the best XCO and XCM racing machine, without compromises. The new frame shape and structure saves weight, improves steering response and accuracy. Frame’s weight in size 43 is 940gr. NEW GEOMETRY Geometry has been optimized to respond to the new faster, rougher race tracks by adding a longer reach and a slacker head tube angle. This creates a more confident feel for the rider at speed and a greater ability to attack the trail, especially in corners and steep descents. DRIVETRAIN The Methanol CV RS is now 1x drivetrain specific. CLEARANCE Improved clearance in the chainstays allows to accomodate larger tyres up to 58mm width in wet, muddy conditions. KEY FEATURES Countervail vibration cancelling technology 12x148mm Boost thru axle Di2 compatible, dropper seatpost compatible w/internal cable routing Updated geometry w/longer reach and slacker HT angle Weight 940g (+/-5%, size 17”, MN color) 4 size available (15, 17, 19 & 21’’) Tavolozza on-line color configurator METHANOL CV S AGGRESSIVE OFF ROAD PERFORMANCE With Methanol CV S version, Bianchi extends the availability of the world-famous Methanol frame platform, engineered with Bianchi CV System. The Methanol CV in its S version shares the same family feeling of the RS model, designed for the most demanding bikers. Methanol CV RS is dedicated to performance riders looking for an aggressive race-ready model. With a less-extreme approach CLEARANCE Like the RS version, Methanol CV S frame is designed to accommodate larger tyres up to 58mm width. KEY FEATURES Countervail vibration cancelling technology 12x148mm Boost thru axle Di2 compatible, dropper seatpost compatible w/internal cable routing 2x drivetrain compatible 4 size available (15, 17, 19 & 21’’)


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