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BIANCHI INFINITO CV 105 11sp COMPACT (Fulcrum Racing) Országúti kerékpár

999.000 Ft (786.614 Ft + ÁFA)
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt
Cikkszám: YOB20I471DF
Kifutás dátuma:

Leírás és Paraméterek

Infinito CV - Less fatigue More control BIANCHI'S INNOVATIVE SOLUTION TO CANCEL VIBRATION Bianchi collaborated with Materials Sciences Corp. to develop our innovative and exclusive application of the patented Countervail® integrated vibration canceling system for cycling. The result is the new Bianchi Infinito CV, Infinito CV Dama Bianca and Infinito CV disc. Scientific studies prove that long term exposure to vibration, typically absorbed by the rider, causes muscle fatigue and discomfort, resulting in reduced performance. INTEGRATED SYSTEM PROVEN IN NASA AEROSPACE OPERATIONS Traditional passive damping of the frame using superficial rubber inserts and isolators are only marginally effective compared to the integrated carbon Countervail® system developed by Bianchi and proven in the extreme conditions of NASA aerospace operations. With its patented carbon fiber architecture, Countervail® carbon material, embedded within our unique Infinito CV carbon layup, immediately cancels vibration while increasing the stiffness and strength of the entire frame. ADVANTAGES • Maximized ride control and handling under normal to extreme vibration loads • Reduced muscle fatigue and increased energy savings in distance rides • Increased rigidity and peak power output over long distances Infinito CV, Infinito CV Dama Bianca e Infinito CV disc follow key points of Endurance Race geometry like higher head tube, longer chain stays and longer wheelbase. Frame dimensions follow size progression to allow the optimal bike fitting ensuring same performance through different sizes.


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